ABD Development

Transport & Urban Mobility

Key ComponentDescription
Smart Roads & Non Motorized Transport,Walkability,MLCP,Para TransitFootpath, Cycle Tracks, Street Furniture, Avenue Plantation, Carriageway Improvement
Multi Utility UG DuctingUG- LT Cabling
Storm Water DrainsPrimary & Secondary Drains

Urban Utilities & Services

Key ComponentDescription
Environment, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy·         Smart Electricity Metering

·         Air Quality, Water Quality


Upgrading Heritage Precincts & Green Spaces

Key ComponentDescription
Heritage ParkDeveloping Vaccine Depot as Heritage park
Fort & MoatDevelopment of Fort and Precinct, Improvement of Lakes
Green SpacesTheme based development of neighborhood parks into Recreational Spaces


Public Convenience & Amenities

Key ComponentDescriptionPublic Convenience & Amenities

  • Public Toilets
  • Drinking Water Kiosks
  • Tourist Guidance Centers
  • Skill Development Centre
  • Art Gallery cum Exhibition Center & Children Science Park
  • Flyovers
  • Underpass
  • ROBs
  • Improvement of Central Bus Terminus
  • Bus Shelters
  • Public Utility services facilities
  • Amenities for transport (all modes)
  • Informal sector/Public hawkers space
  • Skill Development centre
  • Open plazas
  • Public convenience & amenities space
  • Local shopping Commercial cum Office complex
  • Shopping cum IT Office Area
  • Skill Development & Incubation Centres
  • Sports Complex